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The daily maintenance of the YAMAHA placement machine is very important. If the relevant maintenance is not performed for a long time, the performance of the YAMAHA placement machine may be reduced, and the placement speed and accuracy will be adversely affected. It seems very important, so what does the maintenance staff need to know? What do you do everyday?

1. What is a flying piece?

The main part of the YAMAHA placement machine is that the component is lost at the placement position. The main reasons for this are as follows:

(1) The component thickness is set incorrectly. If the component thickness is thin, but it is set thicker in the database, then the nozzle will be put down before the component has reached the pad position when mounting, and the PCB's xy work will be fixed. The stage is moving at high speed, which causes flying parts due to inertia. So set the component thickness correctly.

(2) The thickness of the PCB is set incorrectly. If the actual thickness of the PCB is thin, but it is set thick in the database, the support pin will not be able to fully lift the PCB during the production process, and the component may be dropped before it reaches the pad position. Leading to flying parts

(3) There are several reasons for PCB:

1) PCB problem, PCB warpage exceeds the allowable error of the device

2) The placement of support pins. When doing double-sided mounting of the PCB, when the second side is used, the support pins are pushed on the components at the bottom of the PCB, causing the PCB to warp upward, or the support pins are not placed uniformly, and some parts of the PCB are not pushed to the top, causing the PCB to be incomplete Be jacked up.

2. What is the daily work of YAMAHA placement machine maintenance staff?

1. Clean the working platform frequently (once every shift, some missing CHIP components need to be cleaned in time).

2. Fill the lubricating oil on time, and always check the lack of lubricating oil for the moving parts.

3. Check the grounding status of the machine every week to ensure normal power supply.

4. Check the air supply status of the machine every week to ensure a good air source (a filter device should be added to the air source to filter water and oil).

5. Maintenance on time according to the maintenance plan provided by the equipment manufacturer can ensure that your machine is in the best condition.

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