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Product Name: X-RAY Model: Xspection 6000
HardwareLight pipeLight pipe typeClosed X-ray tube
Light pipe voltage130kV
Light pipe current0.15mA
Light tube focus size3um
Geometric magnification200倍
System magnification2000倍
CNC functionsAutomatic navigation function
Operating platformWith mouse, keyboard, 2 operation modes
Sample TableStage size: 500mm * 600mm
Rotation The stage is rotated by 360 °, and the detector is tilted by 70 °.
Stage movement strokeAxis X(Xaxis)360mm
Axis Y(Yaxis)400mm
Axis Z(Zaxis)400mm
HD flat panel detectorField of view:5/5 inch
shellsize:1630mm(L) * 1850mm(W) * 1650mm(H)
weight:约1400 kg
power supplyPower supply:AC110-230VAC   50/60Hz
computerX-RAY  Dedicated IPC  Windows 7   24"LCD display
safetyRadiation safety standards≤1uSv/hObtained US FDA safety demonstration certificate. FDA approved (Certificate No. 0710198).
Safety interlock functionTwo high-sensitivity limit switches are set at the door opening positions for equipment maintenance. Once the door is opened, the X-ray tube is automatically powered off immediately.
Magnetic switch protection functionThe observation window is provided with an electromagnetic switch. When the X-ray tube is working, the observation window cannot be opened.
All electrical parts such as high voltage are strictly protectedProtect electrical life and operator safety
Emergency stop switchThe emergency stop switch is set at the prominent position of the operating platform and the equipment body. In an emergency, you can press the emergency stop switch to quickly cut off the power supply system.
Light pipe automatic protection functionAfter five minutes of no operation of the device, the light pipe will automatically power off immediately and enter the protection state.Power off protection after five minutes
Equipment automatic protection functionOnce any door or window on the equipment is opened, the equipment immediately enters the shutdown protection state, and any operation cannot be performed.Interlock protected
working environment Safe operating temperature0-40℃
Total power1.5kW
SoftwareWelding failureBGA shortPreset NG picture, automatic contrast recognition through software
BGA cold weldingPreset NG picture, automatic contrast recognition through software
BGA holePreset NG picture, automatic contrast recognition through software
BGA fake weldingPreset NG picture, automatic contrast recognition through software
Learning functionTest mode storageThe test parameters of different films can be stored in categories and recalled at any time.
Motion Mode Programming (CNC)Can set the inspection route or sequence of one or more products
PROFILEAssist in judging BGA soldering
MAPPINGThe circuit board picture is displayed on the screen in real time. By clicking anywhere on the circuit board picture, you can achieve motion control.
Measurement functionBubble measurementOptional manual / automatic measurement, single-ball / multi-ball measurement mode. For automatic measurement, the bubble area standard can be preset.
Area measurementPreset area size standard, NG product reminder function.
Dimension measurementDistance, radian, slope, angle, etc.
sport controlAutomatic resetAutomatically reset the load platform when it is powered on, and the system resets.
Automatic positioningIntroduce pre-made programs to realize fast automatic positioning function, which is convenient for large-scale inspection and product series management.
FOVIt can quickly switch the interface between 2 inches and 4 inches of field of view, realizing the detection requirements of large field of view and local detail observation, saving detection time and improving detection efficiency.
Operation methodCNC automatic control, manual control keyboard and mouse are available.
Security door lockThe software automatically recognizes the on / off state of the door lock to ensure safe operation.

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